>Bethany Beach 09


Bethany Beach 09
Originally uploaded by Mainline Mom

Well, this is the best family portrait I think we got this year. Not too bad I guess, but some parties were not being cooperative so we didn’t get any others. I don’t know why that fence wasn’t there last year and is there this year. Would’ve rather had one on the ocean side, but the sun was too high in the sky yet. Didn’t bring a tripod on this trip so my mom helped out with these a lot. Thanks mom!

The trip was good. A bit tiring, but very relaxing overall. I loved our time in Bethany Beach, and I wish I could’ve seen more friends in PA. Family came first and since my sister’s family joined us there just wasn’t much time for friends. My boys really were good as gold for the whole trip, I am loving the maturity they are showing. I don’t want them to grow up too fast, but some things do seem to get a lot easier.


4 responses to this post.

  1. >I'm glad you had a good time and the picture is fabulous!


  2. >The picture is great.


  3. >Great picture!!! Your boys are so precious…


  4. >That's an AWESOME picture! I've always wanted one of those, but as many times as we've been to the beach, we've never gotten a good one.


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