>The Passage of Time


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My baby turns 2 years old on Sunday. It’s a bit hard for me to believe sometimes, but so much has happened in those two years that it does feel like an eternity ago that he was born. He is just a joy, full of personality these days. Getting into a lot of trouble too, mostly testing his limits and looking for reactions. He is much more physical and adventurous than Nathan, beating up on him playfully all the time. Nathan isn’t used to that, and is a big drama queen about it. (wonder where he gets THAT?)

Alex still hasn’t tried to climb out of his crib, and still prefers to be carried down our long staircase, but he loves to jump on beds and dive headfirst off couches. He is talking a LOT, although understanding him can be hard, especially with his pacifier in his mouth, which it often is at home. I finally figured out what he is saying when he is asking me to put Wipeout on TV, his favorite show. I know Mike advised me of this before he left town on Monday, but I forgot. It took me several days of frustration from Alex to get it. And then he says “Fast! Fast!” meaning “fastforward through the commercials, mom!” because we watch it on DVR.

He has started slimming down a bit lately since he’s been running around so much. Still not super lanky like his brother, but losing that big ol’ Buddha belly. Poor kid has a pretty persistant case of ecsema all over his legs…I don’t know why. It doesn’t seem to bother him too much. He’s an awesome sleeper too, down at 7pm and up at 6:30am consistantly, plus a two hour nap.

I’m having a small party for him Sunday, but I”ve been soooo busy this week I haven’t done a THING for it yet. Need to find a cake today, and buy some presents! Need to do this while the kids are at school. So back to work I go, so I can get everything done.


4 responses to this post.

  1. >Haha, I love that he asks you to fast forward the commercials! Happy birthday Alex!


  2. >He is just precious!! My Logan is just a few months younger than Alex, and he's certainly my daredevil too! We say it's because he has to keep up with Big Brother, but all the same … Caleb is the cautious one. Hope you all enjoy Birthday #2!!


  3. >Happy birthday to Alex. It is amazing that I have been "reading/following you" for so long.


  4. >I can't believe that he's two. Babyhood is so fleeting. Happy Birthday Alex!


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