>Awesome Week

>This has been QUITE a week. Blessings left and right, everywhere I turn. God in my everything. Nothing that would seem very obvious or like any huge deal to most people. Little things, and little attitudes, little thoughts and prayers. Not sure even where to begin to tell ya what I’ve been up to. I mentioned that last week I got to hang out at my friend Christine’s studio with a bunch of cool photogs. Then Saturday morning I had a photoshoot of a family with two littles, in the sweltering heat. My camera is acting up and I got pretty frustrated with the results but I think they came out well in the end and I consider it a blessing everytime someone gives me money to capture their smiles.

Then we had a sermon on the Joy of a Settled Heart, and I realized how amazingly blessed I am to have such a thing…a balanced, non-anxious spirit. Due it part to personality, but also due in large part to an intimate knowledge that God is always near, and always in control.

I got checks in the mail from all the kids stuff I had sold and discovered a new place to sell the rest of it even closer to home and with a far more friendly owner than the other resale shop I’ve used.

I had another photoshoot of a new baby on Wednesday…another blessing. I am ever mindful of trying to be an uplifting and encouraging word to people around me, like that new mom, who maybe needed to hear that she seemed to be doing GREAT with her babe.

I hosted a Premier jewelry party last night, and despite the fact that my husband was stuck in an important meeting till well after the party started, I had a blast. My friend brought her daughter to help with my kiddos, who were unusually disobedient, but eventually they were asleep. The connections between ladies that came seemed really great…because I have really nice friends. And much to my surprise they bought a lot of jewelry, so I got a lot…and I mean a LOT…for free.

And lately instead of reading depressing, discouraging news and blogposts, I keep stumbling across things like THIS, from incredible photographer Zack Arias. I know this is a long post and a pretty long video, but it’s sooooo worth watching.

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/g518gZijUgI%2Em4v%5D


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