>Back to School Breakfast


Donuts and bananas. I know, I am a bad mom for giving my kids donuts for breakfast. Yada yada. This was taken on the first day of Kindergarten last week. It was a tough week for Nathan, but he did pretty well and is adjusting. He has a short fuse in the evenings now, probably because he’s used to napping every day and they only lay their heads down on the desks which doesn’t lend itself well to actually sleeping. That practice seems a bit ridiculous to me.

I watch Nathan on a web cam and frankly, Kindergarten does look awfully boring. Not a whole lot of playing. Gives me a bit of a guilt complex for sending him early and taking away all his fun, but seriously his preschool class seemed like a total free for all…chaos.

Alex is doing great in his new class, even sitting on the potty now because there are some other boys that use the potty there. That’s a big change from the old school. He still doesn’t get it, but that’s progress.

Last night we had fun date night. It’s so awesome to have a good babysitter now, even if she doesn’t clean up. She’s only 13 so whatever. We went to Papacitas (bacon wrapped shrimp and grilled veggies, Oh my!) and attempted to see the Luma Light Show at Miller Outdoor Theatre in Hermann Park, but we drove around for 45 minutes and there were ZERO parking spots left so we bailed. We went into Montrose to check out a place where a band I like was playing, but it was scary looking so we bailed again.

Then we found this teeny tiny hidden coffee shop called Taft Street Coffee inside a church I know about called Ecclesia. I learned about the church through the Robbie Seay Band and always wanted to check it out, and got a Tweet from a photog friend about a super secret last minute impromptu concert by Derek Webb being held there. Derek Webb used to be in Caedmon’s Call, a band I loved, and went solo. I read an interesting review of his latest album, Stockholm Syndrome, which his record label refused to publish supposedly because of some profanity. So I was intrigued to hear him and I dragged Mike despite his being exhausted. Even though the concert didn’t start till 10:30, he was fantastic…playing on a borrowed acoustic guitar. Yeah, Twitter is awesome…this concert was set-up, via Twitter, 6 hours before it started, and several hundred people showed up.


2 responses to this post.

  1. >Well, that is SO cool! DH and I love Derek Webb. How neat that you got to see an impromtu show!


  2. >You can watch Nathan's kindergarten class on a webcam?? crazy.


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