>Five Years Gone By


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My firstborn turns 5 tomorrow. Wow. He is such a delight in my life. A sensitive soul, a creative spirit, an inquistive mind. The time surrounding his birth is quite a blur for me, probably because I’ve actually tried to forget it as one of the toughest times in my life…because of a lawsuit I was facing from a former employer. But I have so enjoyed watching him grow. I only hope I am doing a good job instilling character and values in him and sharing with him my love of Jesus.

Yesterday we had a great birthday party for him at an inflatable party place with lots of little friends from school, the neighborhood and so forth. Was great talking to the other parents.

On Saturday I joined the Moxie Moms of Katy on a fundraising walk for an organization called Candlellighters that supports the families of kids with cancer. It was a great time, Alex came along in the stroller and the rain held off till the walk was done. God controls the weather, ya know.

The rest of Saturday was spent watching college football, which I get a little too excited about sometimes. Twitter has a tendency to spur me to more negative outburts when watching big events such as football or the VMA’s in a group context. It’s the mob mentality thing. Very silly of me to get worked up over a game or a bunch of celebrities.

And so a new week is upon me, new opportunities to speak truth and do something good for the world. Let’s see what comes my way.

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  1. >Wow! Five already? Happy Birthday Nathan!


  2. >Happy B-day to Nathan.


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