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I woke up this morning feeling terrible, bad headache, the cough that never dies, and some stress over all that needs to get done in the coming days. But you know what? Life is short and sweet and there is no reason to complain or worry about ANYTHING. Nothing.

So I dragged my butt out of bed and took Nate to Kindergarten and took some meds and then about mid-morning, the sun came out, my headache disappeared, and I realized all was right with the world. Tomorrow my mom arrives from Philadelphia and we are all happy to see her. Then Friday I leave for Orlando to head to WEFTEC, the annual wastewater convention. 20,000 of my closest friends…HA! I have two presentations to give, which are about 90% done and just require practice…something I procrastinate doing because it makes me slightly nervous, but I have learned it is very necessary and helps me be the killer public speaker that I am 🙂 The more I practice at home, the less time I have to spend in my hotel room practicing when I could be out enjoying time with my old friends.

By the way, the David Crowder Band concert was incredible…of course. I highly recommend you go buy his new album, Church Music, right now. My only disappointment was that our seats were not close and my husband is not a fan so he did not want to move up and stand near the stage. I ran up to try to take photos, which you can see on my Flickr. They are nowhere near as awesome as the concert photos that my H-town photog friends Trish, Mark, and Chris regularly take. Go, follow the links and check out their incredible work! I need to learn how to get those photo passes for closer access.

Also released on iTunes today is Fee‘s new record, Hope Rising. I’ve had it for a couple weeks now and it is on constant replay in my car. Rockin’ worship music at its best. Go, get it NOW. You’ll thank me 🙂


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  1. >Jeremiah and I were at the Crowder concert too!! I LOVE him…. like, LOVE LOVE LOVE him. 🙂


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