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Ok I’m back. Back from my big trip to Orlando. Yeah I’ve been back for a few days, but I’m playing catch-up.

The trip was good. I lost a whole lot of sleep and it was well worth it. My presentations went well and a lot of people came to our booth later in the week seeking me out because of my talk. I was very impressed by how far our two newer employees have come since I last saw them a year ago…they have both obviously learned a ton. We had a new product on display that was surprisingly hot, everyone wanted to know about it and talk about it. That was pretty sweet.

Unfortunately Nathan got sick while I was away. Because of the H1N1 going around I thought he should be seen by the doc, so Mike spent two hours waiting around while the kid was tested for everything and came up with nothing. He was fine in another day. Of course now there is a confirmed case of H1N1 in his classroom and I can’t get him the vax yet. šŸ˜¦

Saturday was crazy busy, I had a family portrait photoshoot in the morning, Nate had a soccer game in which he SCORED A GOAL! And then I took him to a birthday party where the mom had called and asked to hire me to shoot the photos. So then there was a TON of editing from the nearly four hours of combined shooting on Saturday.

Anywho, life is back to normal now, and this weekend will be crazy busy as always. But I like it that way šŸ™‚


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  1. >You are all blinged out in this pic.


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