>Facebook is awesome


Amy and I
Originally uploaded by Mainline Mom

I know, I know, you’re just thinking I’m an addict and of course I think it’s awesome even though it can be a total time-suck. But Facebook is awesome because nearly everyone is ON it, especially mom’s of small in the 25-40 demographic…which means ALL my friends. It allows me to stay connected to old friends thousands of miles away in Pennsylvania in a way that I NEVER would have, because I don’t write letters and nobody has time to just chat for an hour on the phone anymore. And it allows me to get to know new friends a little faster! I’m all about efficiency.

The girl in the photo is my dear sweet friend, Amy, who I got to hang out with for a bit in Orlando. She and her hubby were friends of ours back when we lived in Reading, PA (two houses and more than five years ago). In fact, now that I think about it, I did attend their wedding. (seems like decades ago) But we have been able to keep in touch because of Facebook and I get great advice on parenting and wonderful spiritual insights from her. What’s really fun for me, is to watch from somewhat of a distance as she and her husband have really grown in their relationships with the Lord since we met them. Nothing gives me more joy that to watch someone go through that. When we talked about churches last week she told me she and Art had recently been rebaptized as confessing adults and she highly encouraged Mike and I to take that step in our new (baptist) church. I think we’re getting there, slowly.

Anyway, here’s to friendships, old and new!


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  1. >Facebook IS awesome! It is the only way I can stay sane throughout the day!!!


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