>And so ends fall in Texas


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We don’t really have much of an autumn here. It’s November and we’re still wearing shorts on some days. But I break out lots of fake pumpkins and fake foliage, tons of orange and brown decor, all in an effort to make it feel like fall. This year we bought three large real pumpkins and a whole bunch of minis. But we didn’t get a chance to go to Dewberry Farms, our local pumpkin patch and fun family autum activity place, until after Halloween. A friend had a birthday party there where we had a little fire pit and roasted marshmellows. We took a hayride out to the pumpkin patch and stopped at the baby Christmas tree farm. It makes it feel just a bit like being back in Pennsylvania.

And this week is Thanksgiving, which in my mind is the end of autumn. I’m hosting my grandparents, Mike’s cousin and our friends, the Gertys. People are bringing various dishes which is great. I’m gonna try one new recipe, cranberry minis, that I will make today. Then on Friday I am thinking of going shopping, although I have the majority of my Christmas gifts already purchased. Also this weekend the house is transformed from autumn to Christmas. And then I wait…and plan…and wait…till both sides of my family descend upon my abode to celebrate.


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  1. >"Don't really have much of an autumn here"?When the public pools close for the year, it's autumn.When it's too cold to spend the entire day outside barefoot, then it's winter.If the clover is sprouting, then it's spring.The rest of the time, it's summer.And I miss summer. Bring back summer.


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