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Post Christmas has been kinda fun for a few reasons. First was the returning and exchanging. Not sure I’m even done with that yet. But I found a gift card from last Christmas I’d never spent because the store is not too closeby and not one of my favorites. And I returned a couple things for store gift cards at Macys and Kohls. So I vowed to not spend a dime of my own cash or anything other than store credit on myself for at least a month.

Then I went through all the kids’ toys, painstakingly collected every little puzzle piece and lego, etc and put together a pile of things that could be sold because they just weren’t being used. I tried posting a Craigslist add for them, because I’ve had success with that in the past, but no bites. I got impatient with the huge pile of stuff hiding in my guest bedroom, so I started hitting up local consignment stores. Took a whole bunch of things to one store that consigns, another store paid cash on the spot for most of the toys…not as much as if I’d sold them myself but I walked out with $60 cash. And finally a third store took the rest, and handed me a $25 check for clothes I’d left there last fall, along with a bag of my stuff that hadn’t sold. AND the rest of the clothes and toys the stores didn’t want? Goodwill! Tax deduction! This was all a bit of work, but well worth it.

So then today I hit up the mall with my gift cards. I spent a long time wandering around Sears trying to find anything worth spending my giftcard on. I ended up with some cute super-discounted Christmas decorations, a colorful scarf for $8 and a nice tank top for $5. Then I hit Macys. I found one pair of super adorable leopard print peep-toe pumps for only $23. Then a fabulous DKNY t-shirt for about $8, an INC tunic that fits like a dream for $17 and a basic cotton shirt in a nice paisley pattern for another $8. And I still have a bunch left on the gift card I’ll manage to spend later! Very happy about that.

And I’m working on maximizing my freelance photography opportunities in the meantime. Now if only I could find someone to pay me to shop! 🙂


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