>I came away from Mom 2.0 Summit with a head full of ideas, most of which involve this here blog.  I realized that there were a lot of things I really do want to write about, and I’ve gotten away from writing very much since I took up photography very seriously.  I can speak through my photos but there are some things that I cannot really say without words.  I will do a bit more recap on the specific people I met and things I heard at the conference later, but right now the faucet is flowing and I want to get my bucket ready…a metaphor I heard from either Brene Brown or Alice Bradley, can’t remember which.  So, things about which I would like to write in the near future:

  • Faith.  Grace. Why knowing Jesus makes life better.
  • Travel…I know I don’t travel much but I do occasionally and I love it and I could share so much more about the specifics, for the benefit of others coming after me.
  • Money. My mission will be to impress upon parents the why and how of passing on wise fiscal values to our kids. 
  • Politics.  It is clear the voices of moms on the left are loud and the voices of informed, intelligent moms on the right are not loud enough.  We are not purveyors of hate or greed and we need to explain why we think and vote the way we do. 
  • Fashion. I really do love clothes and shoes, and I ought to use more photos to show you the adorable things I find for a steal. 
  • Parenting failures and successes. 
  • How I stay so relaxed and worry free all the time.  If I can pass on any practical advice to help moms feel less anxiety, I want to. 

So those are just a few of the topics I want to start blogging on more.  Who knows what may strike a chord with someone. I’m looking to change the look of the blog to, but I’m struggling a bit on how exactly to do that without spending a lot. So we’ll see.  Stay tuned 🙂



4 responses to this post.

  1. >Maybe you friend DCR Mom can help you with a new look.


  2. >You are relaxed and worry free all the time? Really?


  3. >I'm so glad we all came away inspired, whatever it is that that means. No stealing of ideas! Just…something in the air, huh. Lovely meeting you and your photog skills are swell!


  4. >Loved meeting you and I'm so glad that you're sharing all your awesome pics with us xoxoxI bet Jo-lynne could help you with a blog makeover.. she's super skilled and whatnot 😉


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