>Grocery Shopping with Alex

>I made this video for the Chevy Malibu campaign, but I thought I’d share it here, as well as my advice on saving money.

The first thing I’ve done is list the items we buy the most frequently and compare prices between the major stores near me. My options are generally HEB, Randalls, Kroger and Super Target. Oh, and Super Walmart…but I just can’t bring myself to shop there. So even though Kroger doubles coupons and HEB doesn’t, I find that HEB has much less expensive produce and meat than Kroger. (Randalls doesn’t even come close) And Target is surprisingly cheap on a lot of the processed foods we buy the most, so I tend to go there a lot too. I even pull out the weekly fliers for both Kroger and HEB and compare them but I ALWAYS find HEB to be better for me.

Next, I try to plan meals based on sale items from the weekly circular and I shop with a list.

I don’t pay to use the Grocery Game, but I do go to their site once a month or so to download and print TONS of coupons. And I have signed up with websites like Kraft and Pillsbury to get coupons by snail mail and email from them. Also for a mere $2.00 the Sunday Chronical is a gold mine of coupons. Just remember not to bother clipping something that you wouldn’t normally buy.

And finally, whenever you can, go with the store brand. There are MANY times I end up not using brand name coupons because the knock-off product is cheaper than the brand even after coupon discounts. So I end up leaving the coupon at the store on the shelf by the item for someone else who might want it.

I’m grateful that I can grocery shop midweek with only one kid who doesn’t ask for everything in sight and doesn’t act up. Keeping your shopping as stress-free as possible also helps you keep your focus and save money.

Happy shopping!


Grocery Shopping In the Chevy Malibu from Sarah Hubbell on Vimeo.


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