>Bullet list time! It’s too hot for complete paragraphs. 

  • I had a dream about adventures and drama with lots of mommy bloggers last night. 
  • I think it was b/c I paid too much attention to a bigtime grouchy blogger creating drama via Twitter yesterday.  Yes, some bloggers are making themselves look like shills.  Others are making themselves look like b…ahem…bulllies for the way they treat each other.  Which is worse?
  • I actually got a well-written, relevant PR pitch to review a product I would use every day (if its good).  I don’t really go for a lot of those around here, but this one I’ll try. 
  • Watched Angels and Demons on DVD last night.  The movie was not bad, mostly because it reminded me of how much I loved the book. 
  • Got my hair chopped and the blonde toned down yesterday…cut was inspired by Carrie Underwood at the People’s Choice awards.  I’m kinda missing the blonde, actually. 
  • As much as I do care about the environment and our water, it’s pathetic that the world cares more about some Gulf birds than the 11 men on that oil rig who died and their families. 
  • I found a type of bread that looks exactly like what my kids are used to, but is HFCS free.  Of course my kids hate it.  (I can’t win.)
  • My sister just bought a house almost twice the size of mine.  And mine is huge, I won’t lie.  I think she’s kinda crazy, but whatever.  They are pretty smart with money. 
  • Is it awful to say I’m not thrilled about Nathan’s soccer games this year?  This is his third season, I’m kind of over it.  If I had friends with kids on the team I’m sure I’d feel differently.
  • Looking forward to Stephanie Click’s Mickey Mouse Moms party this afternoon.  She is Disney-obsessed. 
  • REALLY looking forward to the Ford Fiesta Movement’s Team Houston Battle of the Bands tonight!  Some of my fave social media Houstonites + great live music + a good cause = mega fun!

3 responses to this post.

  1. >Just a thought, Sarah: if you have a self-portrait taken in a mirror, try flipping it horizontally. That way, it looks like a natural portrait (and I don't go nuts trying to figure out why the name on the camera is illegible.):-)~EdT.


  2. >Oh, blog drama. Oy. I hope I wasn't doing ickiness in your dream! ;P


  3. >LOL No Loralee, I'm sure it was only fun with you 🙂


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