>My J. Crew Fashion Haul!

>Warning: I am kind of a shopaholic, but I am pretty frugal.  It may not seem that way from this video, but please keep in mind that I have zero consumer debt and even though I shop, we do save a ton for retirement, our kids’ college funds, a big emergency fund, and then some.  So this is not intended to encourage spending! I just don’t want to be an enabler, so I have to say all that. 

You can see the back story to this video, and the whole concept of fashion hauling, here


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  1. >You a shopaholic! Wow you learn something new everyday. 😉


  2. >I haven't shopped at J Crew in ages. I have always loved their clothing…and the items you purchased are great (love the first tank)! Living in Houston, we must be prepared with all things lightweight and cool. I may just have to end my hiatus from J Crew.


  3. >Great concept of fashion blogging. Liked all your selection, but the grey one at 1.40 is the top of the pops 🙂


  4. >Great concept of fashion blogging. Liked all your selection, but the grey one at 1.40 is the top of the pops 🙂


  5. >I love shopping too, but I try to keep my purchases to a minimum.


  6. >Great Vlog!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to give J Crew a try again!! :)Hillary


  7. >Nicely done. Am a huge J.Crew fan! Loving the charcoal grey at the beginning and the sky blue tank top with the textured collar at the end very much!J.Crew is terrific at styling their pieces in interesting ways. I'm thinking you ought to rock the sky blue tank with the ripstop cargos and the badass heels you mentioned. Would love to see that combo with some killer jewelry. 😉


  8. >Pammer…great thought…not sure how the delicate silk top will look with the rougher cargo pants, but it's worth a shot and those heels could pull it together. If I like it I'll post a photo so you can see 🙂


  9. >Awesome haul. My favorites are the two ruffly silk tanks. those are awesome and I keep meaning to get a few. Maybe I need to stop by the website now….


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