>Frugal Fashionista Friday! How to Create a Style Inspiration Board


You’ve heard it before…if you want to be stylish but you have a limited budget, “Shop your closet!”  Easier said than done sometimes,especially if you’re like me.  I love to shop and I love a bargain, so I frequently find myself picking up something here or something there for 75% off and popping it in my closet.  Then a week later I see it hanging with the tags still on and think about taking it back, but for less than $10 it feels like not even worth my time! And I end up with cute pieces I don’t know how to pair together. 

Enter the Style Inspiration Board!  The idea behind this for me comes from style queen Susan Wagner, and last week I finally put one together.  I started by periodically clipping pages out of magazines with looks, colors, and pieces I was struck by.  When I had collected a small pile of pages I grabbed a ribbon board I’d made in my MOPS group back in PA and yanked out all the photos.  I carefully cut the photos down to sizes that would fit between the ribbons and tried to arrange them so I could at least see most of the image. 

Enjoy this short video showing where I hung my board, along with a small fashion haul of tops I got off the clearance rank at Ann Taylor LOFT.  At least one of these tops was an exchange from a too-small Mother’s Day gift!

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