>Mommy Blogger Flashback

>If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time (thanks!) you’ve probably noticed a lot more posting in the past few months.  I place the blame squarely on my experience at the Mom 2.0 Summit.  Since I got to photograph so many gorgeous women at the opening Mad Men party and meet all these incredible bloggers, I have started following more and more of them on Twitter and consequently reading their blogs.  Which in turn has led me to leaving more comments all over the blogosphere, which has also prompted me to write more and work on building my community here.  I admit that I’m envious of the awesome community my husband has on his blog, Black Shoe Diaries.  It’s offseason in college football and there is very little material for him to post about, yet he gets hundreds of thousands of visitors a day, and constant commenting…a conversation among his community that is self-sustaining.  I mean, wow! 

So I have decided that I really do want to be part of the mom-blogging communtiy, despite my previous negative attitude about it.  Not for money or products or perks or any of that, but because I enjoy writing, I enjoy communicating, and I enjoy getting to know these women.  I can’t WAIT to attend Mom 2.0 Summit again next year in New Orleans, and I already have a couple of roomates lined up. So while ruminating on how great this community is, I decided to put together a little flashback video of all the fantastic women I met.  Just because I can.  Enjoy!



4 responses to this post.

  1. >I can't wait until next April, it is going to be so much fun. We need to prepare by hosting a little Blogger Ball? I volunteer to plan!


  2. >Oh yay! A blogger ball would ROCK. Will be more than happy to help.


  3. >Yay for roomies and balls!Wait. Uh,…


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