>Blogging and Vlogging History


Welcome to another Monday Mingle, hosted by Eighty MPH Mom.  I took a couple weeks off from mingling when I was throwing a Memorial Day party and then being very sick, but now I’m back.  I was particularly interested in this week’s questions about blogs and vlogs.  Can’t wait to see all your answers.  I had to use hubby’s Flip because the batteries died in mine and I’m kind of wondering why it looks so blurry to me.  It’s a Flip HD, whereas mine is not HD.  Who knows, I’ll put batteries in mine and use it next time. 
So I really would like to know…why did you start blogging and how did you choose your blog’s name? 

5 responses to this post.

  1. >I love your tagline ~ beautiful. LOL I love the vlogging. It is so much fun and it's nice to see people and put a face to the blogs.


  2. >I wondered where your blog name came from, I figured it was work. Fun vlog. Thanks for hsraing.


  3. >It is nice to see and hear you.


  4. >All about blogging..It is so neat to hear how everyone started their blog.I mean really neat huh?Thanks for joining again this week!Hope you have a good week!:)


  5. >What a great tagline that makes your site name work so well with your work life! You looked so Summery with the flower in your hair and the pretty blouse…I didn't get dressed up at all. I'm a water baby too. In fact, went sailing and kayaking for the first time this year. Not warm enough to swim yet but hopefully soon! Enjoy the remainder of the week!!! ~ Alyna


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