>Getting Older Doesn’t Completely Suck


Today’s Monday Mingle questions were all about aging.  I have very mixed feelings on this subject.  I love being in my 30’s, but I don’t like that my physical body is deteriorating.  Ah the second law of Thermodynamics…entropy!  We can fight it all we want, but it will eventually win.  Anyway check out how other bloggers answered the same questions over at Eighty MPH Mom


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  1. >Yes! Confidence is wonderful 🙂 I think it's great that you found confidence in something you didn't expect to be good at. Hehe YES I look fwd to the kiddos becoming adults also. 🙂 Great mingle!


  2. >Aches and pains yes I agree. No fun.Traveling would be nice…definitely easier and cheaper without the kids in tow ;)Have a great week!


  3. >my body started doing funky things at 41. more aches and pains, more ailments, digestive issues, etc.Hopefully it doesn't get worse for you, you're still young. Sometimes I think staying as active as possible might help, somewhat.


  4. >I have fair skin too, I am proud you are doing so well with sunblock etc. I am not… I need to be better.nice to MEET you, talk soonThe Buzz, Brandy


  5. >Good for you! Sunscreen keeps you looking younger. I have neighbor in their twenties who were surprised to find out I was 34. Always a nice feeling! Confidence was such a great response! I'm with you there – I also think becoming more confident (though I could stand to improve there still) is a great perk to becoming older. Hope you have a great weekend!


  6. >Oh my I love your kitchen. This family bathes in sunscreen. It's gross but it is good for us. I am either white or red. There is no tanning.


  7. >Hello! I do know what you mean about the body changing and aching…that is the worst part in my opinion. That and gray hair!Great answers on getting older. LOL on children getting older. Mine are 20 and 13, but unfortunately the 20 year old is still kind of my responsibility some how. I'm still waiting for that day too.Thanks for mingling!


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