>Top Ten Summer Activities With My Kids

>Top Ten {Tuesday} 
1. Visiting the library.

2. Picking up produce at the Katy Fresh Produce Market.

3. Shucking corn.

4. Slip and slide.

5. Creating with Playdoh.

6. Early mornings at the zoo.

7. Watching fireworks.

8. Building sandcastles.

9. Going out for ice cream.

10. Dancing at outdoor concerts.


5 responses to this post.

  1. >My kids LOVE to shuck corn! I love that it keeps them busy for 15 minutes!


  2. >Shucking corn! Sounds like something I need to get my kids to do!!


  3. >Just came across your blog…saw you're from the main line…I'm from the Blue Bell area! Nice to find local bloggers! Cute blog btw 🙂


  4. >Thanks Laury Ann! Actually I live in TX now, but I am from the main line and headed back there on vacation in a few weeks.


  5. >Shucking corn – I can't wait!! It's a while before it shows up here but I feel so Little House-ish when we do it. I did have my kids pit a few pounds of cherries yesterday; way messier.


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