>Team Houston Wins Ford Fiesta Movement!

>It is now official that Team Houston, represented by my friends Mark Austin and Amber Roussel, have won this year’s big Ford Fiesta Movement competition.  Mark and Amber represented our city against twenty other teams across the country, highlighting the incredible creative community in Houston with ninja-like social marketing skills.  Winning the whole competition means they get two free Ford Fiestas, one of which they have pledged to donate to Noah’s Kitchen, a non-profit delivering meals to the homeless. 

I blogged about Team Houston’s first two missions, creating an awesome mural and hosting a huge battle of the bands.  They took first place in both of these missions, and deservedly so.  For the third mission they recruited Houston designer Molly Rodriguez to create a graphic design for Roxy clothing company, and they created an #ihearthouston campaign incorporating Twitter and Foursquare, with a local party and prizes as well.  Based on the scores I think they took second place in that mission. 

The fourth mission had them creating a short film featuring their city and the car.  Apparently nobody gave Houston a chance against filmmakers in other cities, including New York and L.A.  I was invited to be included in the film and was happy to participate one Sunday afternoon downtown.  The results are pretty cool, because Zenfilm company is top notch.  Here’s the movie, which I am in briefly, called “Pause”.

Team Houston took second place in the film competition, surprising everyone and securing their place as champions of the entire Ford Fiest Movement.  I caught up with Mark and the folks from Noah’s Kitchen at the Social Media Shindig (hosted by The Black Sheep Agency) on Wednesday, right after they’d heard the thrilling news.  They were all thrilled to pieces.  And I couldn’t be happier for them.  SLGT: Support Local Grow Together!


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  1. >Thanks so much for the support Sarah! It's people like you that make our community here in Houston SO awesome.


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