>My Top Ten Favorite Karaoke Songs


Top Ten {Tuesday} 
I am in need of a little levity today, so somehow (I have no idea how) it occurred to me to share with you my favorite karaoke songs.  Because who doesn’t love karaoke?  Ok so I don’t actually participate in it very often.  I can be a big chicken like that.  For the record, I’m far more likely to sing when with a group of close girlfriends. There might be a margarita involved too. 

So here are some really fun songs that are perfect for karaoke.

1. It’s the End of the World As We Know It – REM.  We happen to have Karaoke Revolution for Playstation with this song on it, so I kick butt at knowing every lyric.

2. When God Fearin’ Women Get the Blues – Martina McBride. As evidenced by this photo my friend Dawn took of me in which the flash did not fire because a bartender once spilled beer on my camera and even after I cleaned it all up the popup flash would stick.  But that’s another story. 

3. Love Shack – B-52s.  I distinctly remember them playing this at my wedding and all kinds of unexpected people started dancing.  Like maybe even JoLynne and Megan 🙂

4. I Love Rock and Roll – Joan Jett. Cuz I do.

5. Piano Man – Billy Joel.  Who doesn’t know every word to this song?

6. Wannabe – Spice Girls.  Instant flashback.

7. Man, I Feel Like a Woman- Shania Twain. Shania is the best.  Seriously.

8. My Humps – Black Eyed Peas. Ok so I wouldn’t actually sing this, but I laughed hysterically when my friend Kimber did.

9. Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond.  We taught Nathan to sing this when he was two.  I wish I had that on video.

10. Livin’ on a Prayer – Bon Jovi. I’m a child of the 80’s and a Penn State fan. So it’s a given!

Have you ever sang karaoke?  What’s your favorite song?


7 responses to this post.

  1. >Well, not my favorite, but the most amusing I've ever witnessed was an entire Roller Derby team belting out Fat Bottomed Girls.


  2. >I've sung before but I don't know many of the songs and I get so chicken! I learned something new about you:)


  3. >Great list! I am one of the few who probably doesn't know every word to "Piano Man." My best performance was probably "Total Eclipse of the Heart," but I was younger then….:)


  4. >Fat Bottomed Girls?! Oh my heavens that would be hilarious. Total Eclipse of the Heart ALMOST made the list, Jennifer 🙂


  5. >I dont' do karaoke. Singing in public is not really a great thing for me! ;)But Man, I feel LIke a Woman sounds like a perfect song!t


  6. >I LOVE singing, and I don't even require liquid courage for it..lol. However the most hilarious karaoke I've ever seen was when I was in tech school for the military. A big bunch of really buff Security Forces (military cops) decided to give a rousing performance of "Don't Cha" followed by "What A Girl Wants".(Okay my word verification was fockers….that's funny!)


  7. >I do love a good Karaoke party with close friends. But, I love to watch them look like goofs, more than I like to do it. Ha!The funniest is when there is a dirty line in the song that the singer didn't know about until they are reading the words come across the screen. SO funny! That happened to a friend singing Summer Nights from Grease. And, another friend sining , Down by the Banks of the Chattahoochee.


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