>Second Grade, The Year My Life Changed Forever

>So I may not have remembered much about first grade, but I sure do remember second grade.  The public elementary school closed down, despite my mom’s efforts, due to a population dip the year I was born. I’ve never read this for sure, but I think there may be a correlation between the population dip the year I was born and the year abortion was legalized.  Anywho, despite the fact that my dad was not a Christian, my mom convinced him that we should go to private Christian school.  I have no idea how, that was all God.  What guy in their right mind pays thousands of dollars a year to send his kid to a school where they teach something he doesn’t believe in?

So I started second grade at The Christian Academy.  It was also my first real experience with a racially diverse class.  My sister apparently came home from Kindergarten one day and asked if she could marry a black boy. 
My mom tells me that before second grade I was pretty quiet and reserved, but my beloved teacher, Miss Downey, brought me out of my shell.  She will always be my favorite teacher.  We sang Psalty praise songs to start our day.  (I LOVE to sing.) She was so completely uplifting.  She was the first one to share with me the idea that Jesus is a gift we need to receive and we should invite him into our hearts.  Which of course I did.  (An aside…this is so funny to me now, considering my Calvinist bent.)  She cast me as “the big fish” in the class play “Jonah and the Big Fish”.  I didn’t have to say anything, but I was SUPER tall.

Second grade was also the year I made my first best friend, Jolynn Suprum.  It’s also the year I became boy-crazy (early, I know!) and chased Chris Horne around the playground until he let me kiss him on the nose.

But the most important thing that happened in second grade, other than my salvation which may or may not have been secured that year, was my dad becoming a believer.  Unbeknownst to me, my dad started doing a scientific research inquiry into the claims of Christ.  My sister and I came home every day talking about miracles and Jesus and he decided he should take it seriously and logically examine this faith.  He read books.  He questioned my mom’s pastor, Pastor Nickles.  He became convinced it was the real deal, and began his own personal relationship with Jesus.  He suddenly started going to church with us.  The transformation in his life was staggering.  He wasn’t a bad guy before, but he became dedicated to Jesus, learning the Bible, and helping the church.  Looking back, it was a miracle…and it probably has something to do with why I subscribe to the doctrine of election…besides scripture.

He died suddenly of a heart attack when he was 49 and I was barely married.  His memorial service was a true testimony to faith, and I am so glad that I have total confidence that he is with my savior now and I will see him soon.

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  1. >What a wonderful miracle!


  2. >Oh Sarah, I got the chills! Praise God for His Perfect Plan. My father died at 41 of a heart attack, when I was 11. The faith of a child by way of his daughters also must have been an awesome testimony to your father.I'm so glad you children will have a record of this incredible part of your life!


  3. >I understand what you mean on your opening. I know plenty of families where the mom has convinced the dad who doesn't believe to pay for a private Christian education, and it just doesn't make sense to me except through God how that wouldn't cause discord among the couple! Praise God though that the Lord enabled you to go to one though and through that that your dad came to know Him! What a blessing! Thanks for sharing!


  4. >I think that is such a great story, God was so good! What an amazing way that God used you and your sister in helping to make your dad curious about God. And it's so great that he had some good resources in finding out more.


  5. >Isn't it amazing the way God used children to plant seeds and brought your Dad to the Lord! I used to play Psalty praise songs for my kids when we were in the car. They loved them! What a blessing your teacher was to share with her students and encourage ya'll to accept Him! Wow!


  6. >God is so good! What a great story. Thanks for sharing!


  7. >God is so dear to save your Dad at the same point He was drawing you. Beautiful! I am so sorry that he is gone.


  8. >what a great post – i'm not a very "churchy" Christian – I believe in God – but after that it gets fuzzy. . .I so admire people with a clear vision and such a strong faith and belief. Plus that second grade picture is ADORABLE!! I just went thru some of my old school pics. . .I feel a post coming on. . .Hillary


  9. >What a beautiful story of salvation! I have a similar story of "inviting Jesus into my heart" in second grade. (I too am now of the Calvinist bent!) I love the story of your father realizing there was more to the Story than he had known before.


  10. >WOW what a life-changing time for you and your entire family. Amber 🙂


  11. >I enjoyed reading your story…stopping by from group 3.


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