>Third Grade – Finding a Place I Would Call Home

>This is fifth post in a series of blog posts recording memories from my youth.  They are posted every Thursday, so you can look back through my archives to find the rest of them. 

1984 was a good year.  It was the one and only time I’ve ever been to DisneyWorld.  It is also when I was first given a camera of my own, which would fuel a lifelong passion and eventually become a profession for me.  Epcot had just been built and there were like, eight countries.  I loved Epcot, way more than Magic Kingdom. Perhaps that’s because my engineer dad was into all the futuristic techy stuff, and therefore so was I.  When I look back on my childhood I realize it’s no surprise I became an engineer, my dad exposed me to all kinds of geeky stuff and made it seem cool.

In third grade I changed schools once again…to Delaware County Christian School, where I would spend the rest of my primary and secondary academic career.  It became my home.  I would argue it is the best evangelical Christian prep school in the entire country.  Unfortunately my third grade teacher, Miss Sink, was not the greatest.  But I was ever the teacher’s pet and never had much problem with any of my teachers.  Contrary to my friends’ memories, I was not actually taller than Miss Sink, although I was close.  I towered over all my friends.  I made friends that year that I am proud to say are still my friends to this day.  Liz, Kate and Ab especially.  We all live far apart in four different states these days, but thanks to the wonder of Facebook we can stay very much in touch.

Third grade was also the year I learned about sex for the first time.  I very distinctly remember my mom explaining it to me, then going straight to the three people I shared a table with in class about it.  I said it sounded gross, but my three friends (Tab, David and Krista) seemed to already be well-versed in the Christian answers “Oh no, it’s natural for married people!”  It’s hilarious to look back on now.  And yes, I still keep up with those three people on Facebook too.  Having a small graduating class, most of whom were together through elementary, middle and high school, makes it easy to stay connected.  Also the bond of being raised together in the body of Christ is harder to break.  The DCCS community became…and still is in many ways…like my family.


4 responses to this post.

  1. >It's wonderful that you are still in contact with so many people from your elementary school days.


  2. >What a wonderful memory of finding a "family" of sorts. I moved around so much it took me a while to get there.


  3. >You are one of the second or third people to mention finding friends from your childhood on facebook. I think that is awesome!


  4. >WOW its fantastic that you still keep in touch with friends from so long ago…I don't think I really connect much with any of my friends from elementary school anymore!!amber 🙂


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