>Things I’m Looking Forward to on Vacation


Top Ten {Tuesday} In less than two weeks my family will fly “back home” to Pennsylvania for a short vacation.  We will try to see a lot of people, staying at my moms, then hitting the beach, then heading up to the mountains to see my inlaws.  Here are ten reasons I am really looking forward to our trip.
1. Flying with my kids. Seems like something I should fear, but I remember how exciting flying is when you’re a little kid.
2. Playing Rummikube.  Both sides of our family like to play this, and other card games as well. 

3. Sand and surf. My mom’s beach house in Bethany Beach is a favorite for all of us.

4. Seeing cousins.  Hopefully my kids will get to see my sister’s kids, and my BIL’s daughter.  It’s great watching them all play together.

5. Photography.  I always take half a million photos on this trip, many of which end up in my portfolio.

6. My best friend, Alexis.  I miss her.

7. Wine with my mom and sister.

8. Mountains. We don’t have them in Houston.  My inlaws live up in them.  You can sit in their sunroom and see for miles.

9. Doting grandparents. I’m so glad my kids will get to spend time with all their grandparents.

10. Not cooking!


2 responses to this post.

  1. >It's funny how you appreciate your parent's "doting" on your kids, isn't it? They're the only people who really "get" how awesome your kids are…that is to say, they gush almost as much (if not more). πŸ˜€ Love it.


  2. >Rummikub! πŸ™‚ And Phase 10. Both are cousin games with our family too. And aahhh…for the sand and surf. I don't know how people live without them. Enjoy!


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