>Fourth Grade!

>Fourth grade was my second year at Delaware County Christian School, so I had a few friendships that continued to grow.  My teacher’s name was Miss Schaeffer and she was pretty cool.  That’s her pictured in the photo with a new friend who came to DC that year, Amy Anderson.  Amy and I hung out together a bit that year but as I mentioned before I was ENORMOUSLY tall, and Amy was quite petite.  I’d have to look up the stats somewhere but I’d venture a guess that I was 5’2″ tall in fourth grade.  Maybe taller.

One thing I remember about that year is the beginning of my treks to the orthodontist.  First I got a bionator and head gear.  I was supposed to wear the bionator all day and the head gear at night.  UGH.  I vividly remember the day I accidentally tossed it in the trash at lunchtime and had to go through the entire trash can to find it.  I knew my parents would KILL me if I lost it.

Also my next door neighbor was another fourth grade teacher at my school, and I ended up having her for math.  We had speed tests with our multiplication tables and that was probably the first time I remember feeling really competitive with academics.  That was a trend that would continue till I finished high school.

We had our first really big project in fourth grade, a big report on our state, Pennsylvania.  I wrote letters to my congressmen and got huge packets in the mail full of maps and brochures and fact books.  I still have that report…I was obviously quite proud of it and it was one of very few pieces of work I’ve kept over the years.


2 responses to this post.

  1. >It was def the year of learning about states! I can't wait to hear more about you and being competitive in academics!So did you get teased about being tall or did kids think it was cool?


  2. >I still have several of my early reports too. I just can't seem to throw them away.Wow I'm not much more than 5'2" now:)


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