>Flying with Kids on Continental Airlines is Great


So we flew Continental airline into Philly on Friday to begin our big summer adventure.  I would like to mention here that I’m very sad that United will be taking over Continental.  I’m familiar with United and their level of service and timeliness is not good.  Even though I still prefer to fly Southwest when I can, sometimes I have to take Continental and on this flight they were fabulous.  Our flight attendant, Darius, had possibly the best personality of any flight attendant I’ve met, and I’ve met  A LOT.   He welcomed my children, asking their names and ages, and then addressed them by name many more times during the three and a half hour trip.  He addressed me (and every woman) as “young lady”, which at my current age wins bonus points with me.  At one point he said to a girl about my age behind me, loud enough for everyone to hear, “I don’t know which is more beautiful, this day we are  having or the way the sunlight is coming through that window and hitting your eyes.”  In a completely charming, non-sleazy way. 

Also on the flight everyone had screens at their seats and the option to purchase Direct TV.  This is like pure gold for kids on a 3.5 hour flight.  I paid $6 for the screen in front of Alex, and I had a two sets of headphones with a splitter so both kids could watch and listen the same screen.  Also they fed us a tasty hot pocket type thing with Doritos, carrots and M&Ms.  We loved that. We took off on time and arrived a few minutes early, despite the plane being overbooked. 

The difference in my overall stress level between last year’s flight north and this year’s is night and day, all because Alex is now three.  We no longer need a stroller or carseat, and he can verbalize his needs.  He didn’t cry, yell, whine or even kick the seat in front once during the whole flight. He managed just fine without his usual three hour nap.  If flying weren’t so expensive, I would now feel brave enough to take my kids on airplanes more often.   


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