>Sixth Grade, Eighties Style

>Sixth grade for me meant the beginning of middle school, and a move to the “upper campus” of Delco Christian.

It also meant being taught sex ed, which in our school was called “Preparing for Adolescence” based on the book of the same title by Dr. James Dobson.  They split up the guys and the girls for this class, and it was pretty lame, but appropriate.  I remember they showed the girls a different, much more serious movies about sex than they showed the boys, and consequently the boys emerged from their class cracking up and joking around while the girls were wide-eyed and nervous.  That is ridiculous. 

Sixth grade also seems to have meant, based on the photos, the beginning of my own (really bad) sense of style.  My mom cut off all my hair which made it even worse.  Check this out.

Need I say more? I don’t think so.

What was your favorite BAD style of the eighties?


3 responses to this post.

  1. >Thanks for sharing! 🙂 Looking back, I think all of the clothes I wore were awful…and the bangs…geez! 🙂


  2. >I remember rolled socks. Knee socks that were rolled down to the ankle. Such a strange style!


  3. >Love the boom box! I wore sunglasses like that too! I'm glad you are willing to share your 80's pics.


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