>First Day of School


Prayer for our Students:

Lord, we ask that you bless
the youngest and littlest of learners,
with Your infinite and loving mercy,
granting them the strength to learn, concentrate,
and act appropriately towards
their teachers and fellow students.
We also ask that You would watch over them,
at home and at school
and grant them proper direction
so that they may learn
of Your wonderful virtues.

(author unknown)

Today my Nathan started his first day of Kindergarten at the big public elementary school directly behind our house.  This is actually his second year of Kindergarten because his birthday is in a couple weeks and he missed the cutoff last year, so we put him in private Kinder.  So he is well prepared.  His teacher seems delightful and she sat him next to a neighbor girl he’d never met, but they will ride the bus home together and get off at the same stop.  

Alex started his first day at his new/old daycare center across the street from Nathan’s school.  He was there prior to September of last year when we moved both kids to the school where Nate’s Kinder class was located. He pitched a fit, but calmed down pretty quickly.  This week will take a lot of adjustment while we walk Nate to school together on  Tuesdays and Thursdays, but drop Alex off only on Wed and Friday.  I prefer dropping Alex first so that I can get back home and start working, but that might not go so well for this first week. 

I’m so glad that my flexible work schedule should allow me to volunteer some time in Nathan’s classroom this year.  And I’m grateful to not need before and after school care, and to not have to dress up to go into an office…since walking to school left me dripping in sweat.  It’s a five minute walk, but it’s 87degrees at 8 in the morning and 90% humidity. Anyway, I’m grateful all around.  


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  1. >Blessings for the older students, too, that they may prosper in their education and that they may know that God blesses them.Great blog post,Julie Fueling


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