>The Final Fifteen of the Ultimate Fashion Diet

>If I’ve learned anything in this life, it’s that life is short and a month is even shorter. I’ve already told you how my lovely fashionista friend, Pam, threw down the gauntlet of the ultimate fashion diet…wear only 15 pieces of clothing for the entire month of September. I can do this. It’ll be fun. My bank account will like it. And I know the 30 days will fly by. 

So here’s my final list. The only way this will change is if my new running habit really takes off and I happen to drop a full size this month. A girl can dream, right?

Choosing these clothes was an amazing exercise, I have to say. Fit mattered more than anything in my selections. I was actually surprised that the pieces I ended up choosing were mostly from higher end labels, not LOFT and Target which have been my go-to brands for the most part. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that more expensive clothes are manufactured better. One piece that almost made the list but didn’t is a black sheath dress I pulled from the back of my closet, since I haven’t worn it in years. I realized the accessorizing options with it are endless, and after this month it will go back into heavy rotation.

1. First up are my gray wool (with stretch!) trousers from Michael Kors. They are lightweight, fit really super awesomely, and of course go with everything. I have had these for years and even had to restitch the inseam once when it split open a bit. 

2. Next up are my new Lucky brand, Sweet and Low jeans. Dark denim bootcuts rock. Screw the heat. 
3. Ok so I have to face the heat. These golden khaki bermuda shorts from J. Crew are my nicest pair. They are wrinkled in this pic because I took them off my body to take the photo. I suppose I need to bust out the iron.
4. And again with the heat, my J. Crew favorite fit capris. I like these so much that I have two pair of them, which may make things easier in the laundry department. 

5. On to the skirts. I found this dark wash denim pencil skirt at Ann Taylor and it is awesome. I wear it ALL the time now.


6. The last skirt is a black faux-wrap skirt from Michael Kors. It doesn’t go with everything because the draping makes it only look right with certain structured tops, but I love it and it’s versatile enough to make the cut.

7. Next up is are some basics. It doesn’t get more basic than a plain white V-neck tshirt from J. Crew. 


8. Stretch ivory tank top from Casual Corner. Since you probably know Casual Corner went out of business, you know how old this is. I admit I generally like more color than this, but it works with everything and provides a great backdrop for accessories. 
9. I picked up this navy striped blouse at the LOFT BlogHer Style event I attended in Philly. I can’t tell you how much I love it.  


10. At the risk of being somewhat redundant, I am going with another navy striped blouse, this one sleeveless and from Ralph Lauren. The foundational color of this 15 piece wardrobe has turned out to be blue.


11. Case in point, more blue. I just love this seafoam blue silk blouse from J. Crew so much I had to include it. I just hope I don’t ruin it from overuse.

12. This sheer silver tshirt from LOFT has become a staple of my wardrobe, I’ve gotten countless compliments on it and it goes with everything.

13. For dressier occasions like church (ok, my church is FAR from dressy, but I dress up) I chose this structured but sparkly shell by Alfani.

14. A late addition to the final group was this black silk top from LOFT. Solid black looks great on anyone, is fabulous for accessorizing, and I happen to have two of this exact top. Don’t ask. 


15. And finally, a girl cannot live on blue, black and grey alone. I would die. The rest of my closet is loaded with color. So I figured this bright pink camisole from Talbots would fit the bill. 
So that’s it.  I’ll be photographing completed outfits with accessories and adding them to Susan Wagner’s Working Closet group on Flickr
I’d LOVE to hear your suggestions for pairing and accessorizing these pieces.

5 responses to this post.

  1. >I saw this on Good Morning America and am very tempted to do this once the weather cools a bit here… I was sooo curious to see what you picked! Lots of scarves and fun jewelry should do the trick! Good luck!


  2. >I keep hearing people reference this GMA clip but I haven't seen it…need to find the link! One thing I'm not short on is jewelry 🙂 I have a couple of great scarves I've been saving too. And then there's my abundance of shoes…a few handbags…yay.


  3. >Hi! I followed you from Felicia's site, and I'm following the 15:30 challenge too! Can't wait to see what we come up with!Also, what is it with the black, grey, and blue? Both myself and Cheryl seems to be using the same colors in our wardrobes…


  4. >Yay! So glad to have a few folks to play along with. I will be sure to check out what you come up with 🙂


  5. >OMG. I love a ruffle. Who can refuse a ruffle! I can't wait to chronicle your journey when I'm RESTED. xoxoxox, Felicia


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