>WMFW – Ready for Show and Tell!

>works for me wednesday at we are that familyMy back to school tip is probably more for younger kids that still have “show and tell” in their classes, but I think even older kids can benefit from this exercise. This is about capturing the memories of the summer gone by AND making a great impression on their new teacher.

My tip is to spend some time creating a summer scrapbook.  This year we incorporated this project as part of our overall summer education goals.  I handed the camera over to my five year old, Nathan, on more than one occasion.  Once was our zoo theme week field trip.  He took lots of great photos.

Finding and inexpensive scrapbook that he could get creative with was the toughest part.  I finally found a small, plain one at Target. Then I gave him some scissors, crayons, pencils, photo squares, stickers and sparklies and we went to work.

It was a great project that we are still finishing up, but he can’t wait for show and tell. And I totally believe it can’t hurt to demonstrate to your new teacher that you’re no dummy.

So that’s my WMFW back to school tip!  Have you ever created a memory book with your child? Drop me a comment and share your thoughts!


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  1. >very cute project to preserve memories!


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