>The Hostess with the Mostest


One thing about blogging and social media…it’s not an excuse to hide behind a computer. Friendships made via the tubes of the interwebs are no less real than those made at PTA meetings and playgroups, which is generally proven during blog conferences and in-person opportunities like the one I had last night.

I first heard of Rachel, author of A Southern Fairytale, from my longtime real life friend Jo-Lynne. Jo-Lynne roomed with Rachel at Blissdom and competed against her in the Tastemakers potato creation contest there. I saw all the photos and followed the links over to Rachel’s blog, where I was enamored with her wonderul writing, photography and food talk. Then I had the opportunity to meet Rachel at the Mom 2.0 Summit last year in Houston. She’s a real sweetheart.

When I asked her which hotel she’d suggest staying in during our impromptu beach holiday in her lovely town, she gave me her advice…and promptly invited my family over for dinner. Her kids are very close in age to mine, and our husbands had plenty in common.

Let me tell ya, Rachel is one heck of a cook. She had these huge ribeye steaks that she marinated in worchestisire sauce, garlic, and rosemary…oh my. Grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes, and the most heavenly chocolate chip cookies! And y’all…she had her Tastemakers trophy perched right above her kitchen sink in all its glory! Right next to her jar of bacon fat (apparently the true sign of a southern cook). While we talked and ate our kids ran around playing together. My boys ended up wanting to try on all Princess’s dress up clothes. Mike rolled his eyes while Alex twirled around in her Snow White dress and Nathan tried on a frilly purple frock.
Amazingly her kiddos LOVE raw veggies and kept coming in for more, while my kids headed straight for the crackers and chips. And par for the course, my boys didn’t eat their dinner, Alex pooped in his pullup at least twice (I curse potty-training) and had one mini-meltdown over fruit snacks. Rachel’s kids are adorably precocious and the four kids got along like peas in a pod.

We could have sat around chatting forever, but eventually we had to head back to our hotel and crash. I hope we will see them again soon, maybe someday in our neck of the woods.


6 responses to this post.

  1. >We had the best time having y'all over. I'm so happy that our families met. As I told you on Twitter or FB(?) Monkey woke up asking for your boys.Thank you for all the lovely compliments and you're welcome back.. ANYTIME


  2. >Oh man, I heart Rachel SO DARN HARD.


  3. >That Monkey is just too darn cute.


  4. >I heart YOU SO MUCH


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