>Top Ten Cities To Visit


Top Ten {Tuesday} I have a bad case of wanderlust. I’ve talked about it before, but I really just love to go and see new places. In my life I’ve been incredibly blessed to travel a lot, both for my job and for fun. So I thought I’d share my top ten favorite cities that I have visited.

1. Capetown, South Africa. Beautiful and exotic.

2. Paris, France. The epitome of sophistication.

Table Mountain, Capetown, SA

3. New York, New York. I am such a city girl, and this city truly never sleeps.

4. New Orleans, LA. The FOOD. The music. The architechture. Amazing.

5. Philadelphia, PA. How could I not mention my hometown? One word: History.

6. Boston, MA. Unique charm.

7. Chicago, IL. So much cool.
8. Edinburgh, UK. Like a fantasy world.

9. Copenhagen, Denmark. Incredibly gorgeous people.

10. Florence, Italy. Art on steroids.

Now tell me your favorites and why. Please?


9 responses to this post.

  1. >Love your list. I will post my top 10 as an entry this week.


  2. >I have been to Paris and NYC too. Loved them both. I really liked Gettysburg. Great history and tours. I also loved Washington D.C., I do love all those museums. I want to go to Boston very much. Thanks for posting. Blessings!


  3. >London. Because everything is there. I like your list, though I've only been to half your places!


  4. >What about Atlanta? You could get shrimp & grits, watch the Braves and see ME! :)Seriously, I'm with you—I want to see all those cities!a


  5. >I like Atlanta! I've been there but I haven't seen a whole lot there I guess. Would love to come for a visit to see you someday!! But grits? No thanks 🙂


  6. >Oh I love London. Love love love it. It almost made the list. I haven't been there in so long and would love to go back.


  7. >I'm from PA and I like Gettysburg too! Such charm and of course loads of history. I like visiting D.C. but its just not my favorite. There is tons to see and do there though.


  8. >Amsterdam, the Netherlands – the museums.Berlin, Germany (pre-1991) – a poignant lesson in why war is such a bad idea.Athens, Greece – just standing on top of all that history floored me.Rome, Italy – see also "Athens, Greece".Atlanta, GA – the (MLK) King Center, probably the most peaceful place I have ever been. On the entire planet.Willemstad, Curaçao – Shopping. Need I say more?~EdT.


  9. >I love San Francisco and Seattle for the ocean proximity, cafe culture and climate. I love London! I expect I'll love Sydney, but I haven't been there yet. I love your list!


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