>Tips For Traveling Alone

>New Orleans-0001So for many of my readers, none of these tips will ever apply.  But if you’re like me you may find yourself occasionally traveling to strange cities all by yourself. So here are a just a few things that really work for me when I’m traveling alone for my job.

Zipping through airport checkin and security lines is so much easier when you are only responsible for yourself. So pay close attention to your footwear so you can take your shoes off and put them back on quickly at the airport. Also avoid wearing a jacket if you can help it…if you need it, stuff it into your bag before you ever reach security. Don’t be one of those people who forgets their little ziplock back with the liquids. Personally I always try to fly Southwest and check my bags, carrying zero liquids onto the plane. It actually does make life easier.

Don’t forget your book or magazine for the plane. You may want to rely on our iPod or laptop but remember you can’t turn those on until 30 minutes into the flight sometimes. Also pack some non-messy snacks, like granola bars or trail mix. Don’t be that person that grabs a burger at McDonalds and brings it on the plane. I hate sitting next to people with smelly food.

New Orleans-0004Here’s my most important tip: when I’m traveling alone, I always ask for two double beds in my room instead of one king.  Then I use one double to sleep in, and one double for piling up my stuff. I will create one pile of clothes I’ve already worn, and another spot for clothes I’ll be wearing the next day.  I hate putting my suitcase on the floor. Hotel room floors are just gross. Oh and I always ask for a high floor in the hotel is a high-rise. In New Orleans last week I was on the 24th floor and had a spectacular view.

So those are just a few travel tips that work for me. I’d love to have you share other things you’ve discovered that work for you when traveling alone!


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  1. >I love traveling for business, but I don't get to do it that often anymore. A couple times a year I guess. But I wouldn't want to do it as much as I used to…I miss my kids too much!


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