>Weekly Winner Photos for October 24

>As I rest and recover from Bloggy Boot Camp in Austin, I thought I’d put up a few photos from last week for Sarcastic Mom’s Weekly Winners link-up. These photos were taken last week. I would normally have a whole slew of photos from Bloggy Boot Camp, but when I got to the hotel I realized my camera battery was still at home in the charger. It was extremely painful, not having my camera this weekend. So instead you get photos taken last Sunday when my friends’ band, Forlorn Hope, played at the Toyota Center in Houston for the Houston Aeros Hockey Game, to raise money for our orphan care ministry.

Weekly Winners Information
Forlorn Hope Singing Outside the Toyota Center

Love that 147 Million Orphans Shirt
Nathan Enjoying the Houston Aeros Ice Hockey Game

Forlorn Hope Performing During the Aeros Game

To view all my photos, including some cute ones of my kids in their Halloween costumes, go to my Flickr stream.


11 responses to this post.

  1. >How depressing to realize your camera battery wasn't with you!! I would be so depressed!!!


  2. >It was a terrific opportunity and I'm like my husband could cover for me this weekend. This was the first time I've left my battery in the charger for something important…I guess it's time to buy a back-up. I had two batteries for my first DSLR but I haven't needed a second for my Nikon D90 till now. Wish they used the SAME battery *sigh*


  3. >As a portrait photographer, it was a serious bummer. But I don't let little things like that depress me. The upside was much more time spent focused on really listening and engaging with people.


  4. >I too have left my battery in the charger at home before. I feel your pain! How great that you were able to attend!


  5. >bloggy boot camp, you are lucky!


  6. >Thanks, I am fortunate that I got the chance to go. It was great.


  7. >Not having my camera battery would have given me fits! 😦 But yay going to the boot camp!


  8. >fantastic photos Sarah. Thank you so much!


  9. >Thanks John, very much enjoyed hearing you guys play.


  10. >Love the shots — especially at the hockey game. I didn't have a camera in Austin either! It was great to meet you there, albeit briefly!


  11. >Great meeting you too!


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