>Best of Halloween Photography Thursday

>Halloween is a great time to take lots and lots of photos. Smiles abound, costumes are colorful, and kids are eager to show off their disguises. For great snapshots of kids, try to remember a few simple photography tips, many of which I’ve written about previously.

How To Take Great Halloween Photos

  • Take it outside, or find a brightly lit window and turn off the flash. 
  • Aim for late afternoon or evening when the sun is low in the sky for the best light. 
  • For pint-sized portrait subjects, GET DOWN. Avoid shooting kids while you are standing up, looking down on them. 
  • If you have an aperature-priority mode on your camera, use it and set the F-stop low, like F2.8 or even F4 if you can’t get lower. This gives the sharp face with a blurred background that can be so attractive. 
  • Fill the frame. You might want to capture the whole costume but I promise you will like a shot of just their face or head and shoulders more. 
Ok, so here are a few of my favorites from Halloween this year. We always have a neighborhood block party in the early evening before trick-or-treating which makes for awesome shots. Unfortunately I forgot my settings and several shots were not as good as I’d like, but the parents of the kids still loved them. 
My little Waldo
Batty Bat costume #1
Sad Elephant costume #2
Batgirl Ava
Snow White
Young Captian Jack Sparrow
Tween Geisha and Flapper
Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in an Epic Battle
So there you have it. All photos are copyright Sarah Hubbell, Enlightened Photography. Do not copy or download or post anywhere else without express permission…which I am likely to give if you ASK

5 responses to this post.

  1. >Those are awesome. I always try to set a low F-stop but for some reason, they don't always come out right. My husband says that I need more light sometimes? But if I up the other thing, whatever it is, lol, to 800, then I forget to turn it back down the next time and I get grainy shots. BLEH. 🙂 This is why I love Auto mode!


  2. >I know nothing about photography, but I enjoy looking at the faces of happy children. Thanks for sharing.Lazy Silly Girlwww.lazysillygilr.com


  3. >Ahh yes, forgetting to reset the settings. Yeah I was going to say increase the ISO, but forgetting to set it back when you've got more light is a risk. As they say, the more often you practice, the more often you will remember what to do.


  4. >Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your comment 🙂


  5. >These are awesome Sarah, thanks for the reminder on how to get the great shots with blurry background. Your Waldo cracks me up!!!


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