>Golden Globes Fashion Recap

>Because I don’t think I’ve ever done this before, and I’m nothing if not a lover of celebrity fashion, I decided to start off the blogging week with a recap of the best and worst fashions of the Golden Globes! If you happened to be on Twitter last night, you couldn’t avoid the awards show. You would think everyone in the world was watching based on the nonstop snarky tweeting. I have said before how much I love watching big awards shows like this via Twitter. It’s almost like having a group of girlfriends in your living room…except there are guys too! And people of such diversity sharing opinions and jokes and random thoughts with you.

Moving on. Watching the red carpet shows I really, honestly thought that there was a dress code going on this year…like everyone was told they could only wear black, nude, or green. Thankfully a select few chose other colors, but not many and not always with good results (Julianne Moore? C’mon)

So my favorite dress of the night was SO EASY to choose. Especially because it was complimented by the most incredible Christian Louboutin shoes. Because the shoes are far more important than the dress…in all cases.  (shoe obsessed much?)  Olivia Wilde was perfection, in my opinion.

And while it seemed like every third actress was wearing green, the standout dress in my opinion belonged to Mila Kunis. It is doubtful that I will ever watch her movie Black Swan, much too screwed up for my taste. 
My third favorite dress of the night was a surprise, from Glee actress Jenna Ushkowitz. Love the dazzling blue, shaped perfectly for her body with just the right amount of ruffles and bling. 
Honorable mention for their gorgeous frocks goes to Milla Jovovich, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sofia Vergara, Carrie Underwood, Dianna Agron, and Piper Pearbo.       
Now for the worst. Halle Berry looked like she was dressed for the Victoria’s Secret Runway Show, not the red carpet of the Golden Globes. 

It does not matter WHAT Tilda Swinton wears to an awards show…I always hate it. I mean hate. I am not in favor of her kind of fashion risks. Nope, no way. What is this?

But the worst of the worst is clearly Helena Bonham Carter. The only words for her are…hot mess. Oh whatever happened to the girl in A Room With A View?
This Golden Globes fashion recap brought to you by Beringer Chardonnay. I promise to write something more inspiring and useful…tomorrow. 

8 responses to this post.

  1. >Oh, I think HBC's was perfect. She looks EXACTLY what you'd expect Tim Burton's wife to look like, don't you think?And it might've been a smart PR move- within an hour the top story on Yahoo! news was "star wears mismatched shoes". Savvy! Or colorblind. One or the other.


  2. >Indeed, it IS what I'd expect Tim Burton's wife to look like. My husband's favorite movie is Fight Club, and when I gasped at her awfulness he asked who she was. I said "she's in your FAVORITE movie!" to which he replied "Oh…so she really wasn't acting in that movie, she was just playing herself?"


  3. >I often ask myself the same question regarding HBC. I miss Lucy Honeychurch! To which she would say "but that was acting!" She seems to have a twisted sister side to her that isn't terribly appealing.


  4. >I am a Hollywood fashion follower myself. So many gorgeous dresses, so much amazing jewelry, but I do wish they'd cut the dresses an inch higher so we don't all have to see their you-know-whats. Tilda Swinton was horrible, but my worst was Julineen Moore. Really, she is too gorgeous and she should know better. I loved Helen Mirren. I thought she looked stunning (with a little less cleavage though). How fun to read your recap. I loved it! Lisa~


  5. >I have to disagree, Olivia Wilde is Cameron Diaz from last year's Oscars (I think) in black. I don't like repeats. Also, her hair did NOT match the dress. And, those shoes are terrible-at least to me. I kind of love HBC, she does her own thing and stays true to it. I love that she's been entirely unaffected by Hollywood pressure to conform. It's not my style, but she definitely is true to herself and I admire that. That's what's so great about fashion, everybody has their own take on it.


  6. >To each their own, right?! 🙂


  7. >Yes, I'm always disappointed when Julianne Moore messes up…this isn't the first time. She's just so stunning and this dress was a disaster.


  8. >HBC did seem so sweet and innocent in her earlier films though…I even loved her in Hamlet!


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