>Introducing All Things Chic


Ladies and Gentlemen, I have very exciting news! Well, exciting for me anyway. You all know I love fashion. I love shopping. I like nice stuff, although I am also very fiscally conservative. (I’m watching the State of the Union while I type this, so that political descriptor popped into my head.) I have never done a whole lot of reviewing particular products on my site, but on occasion I love to rave about a great find. Well now I have a new place to do just that.

My dear friends Jo-Lynne and Melissa are launching a brand new site today called All Things Chic, and I am a contributor. The site will feature all kinds of fashion, style, beauty, home decor, design, and family products. Lots of really cool stuff. We have a team of ladies who know what they love and are just dying to share it with you. Collectively we’ve got serious style and taste. We have a bit of diversity too as far as age, stage of life and ethnicity…and undoubtedly personal styles.

My posts will cover the gamut of products and looks, but of course I will likely write about some of my weaknesses like jewelry, shoes, and keeping our little boys stylish. Right now I’m slated for posts on Fridays, so those will be in addition to my Fashion Friday posts here.

I’m very excited about this new venture and I hope you will check it out. I’ve known Jo-Lynne for well over a decade and I know she’s got style and what it takes to run a successful blog. Bringing together a team of great bloggers is a great way to create a beautiful resource for all women. Because as I said earlier this week, blogging is all about community.  And that totally works for me.

Update: I realize the new site is not live yet. It was supposed to go up last night but there must be some glitch, so I’m just going to keep this post here anyway. Also, don’t miss the big launch party on All Things Chic next week, with tons of giveaways!


2 responses to this post.

  1. >Thanks, I'm very excited!


  2. >Good luck with your new venture. It looks to be a great one.God bless and have a wonderful day.


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