>Fashion Friday; My Stylin’ Little Boys


I’ve said so many times before that finding clothes I like for my little boys is not easy. The vast majority of boys I see their age wear cartoon character graphic t-shirts every day. Those are not for me. I am here to show you how stylin’ you can dress your boys, assuming they are like mine and don’t mind…too much. 
Cute, right? Yeah, yeah I know, I’m biased. Ok so anyway, this is about as cold weather clothing as we get here in Texas. I picked the coldest Sunday of the year to put them in these lovely chocolate textured duds. 
Let’s start with the shoes. I found this awesome Kenneth Cole Reaction boys shoes at Nordstrom Rack for less than $20 each. They are similar to these, available at Piperlime. 
Alex’s sweater was bought at a kids consignment sale, but still had the brand new tags on it from Gymboree. So I paid $3 for a thirty-something buck sweater. You can find a similar one on sale at Gymboree now. His corduroy cargo pants are from Old Navy. I always look for brands with adjustable waist pants since my boys are super long and lean. 
Nathan’s dark jeans are from The Children’s Place, just like these that are now only $14 each! His shirt and blazer are Gymboree as well and not available anymore, but this chocolate velveteen jacket is pretty awesome. 
Ok so tell me where else BESIDES Gymboree and The Children’s Place you have found cute clothes for boys, because I’m always on the hunt. 

2 responses to this post.

  1. >I have to tell you I feel the same way about boy's clothing. I am always looking for things that don't look like "boy" but are nice. I have always gotten compliments on my boys' clothing and it's b/c I actually take my time to look for stuff for them. You did a great job on those outfits bravo!


  2. >Thanks! It's just another way to live vicariously, ya know?


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