>Unknown Germs Have Invaded My House

>Today is the sixth straight day that my three year old has woken up with a fever. I’m am exhibiting my weak humanity in a selfish lack of patience with whatever stupid bug has taken over his body. It began with him tossing his cookies (occasionally on me) every fifteen minutes last Wednesday, and then progressed to a sore throat the following day. The throat soreness appears to be gone but he can’t shake the fever that has ranged from 100 to 104 degrees for a solid six days. This has meant not getting out of his PJs, not eating much, and whining a whole heck of a lot. The first three days he never left my lap. Now at least he only wakes us up a couple times a night.

My experience with these kids is that they get these fevers, I take them to the doctor (whose office I can’t stand…two hour waits are routine) and they get tested for strep and flu. The tests cost us about $50 out of pocket plus an extra half hour of time in the exam room, and always always always come back negative. Both kids almost never get ear infections. Usually the doc tells me “It’s viral, nothing you can do, fever can last up to five days.” and sends me on my way. Which is why I did not call the doctor on Friday, and of course the office isn’t open on weekends.

Fortunately no one else in the house has gotten sick at all yet, a miracle of sorts. A friend’s daughter woke up with a fever yesterday and it’s possible, but unlikely, she caught it from Alex last Monday before he was sick, or from some germs maybe I was carrying on Saturday.

Work deadlines have come and gone. I missed several awesome opportunities this weekend, including an exclusive blogger brunch at a fancy restaurant and a trip to the Houston Auto Show, courtesy of Chevy. To say I’m bummed out about it would be an understatement. So now it’s off to the doctor we go, hopefully to get a remedy.

This is all just God’s way of letting me know I’m not in control. Thanks God, I get it. I just keep praying and trying to remember that it’s not all about me and my plans, but I admit it’s hard.

So how do you deal when something totally sidelines your plans for awhile?


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  1. >Having raised a kid to adulthood, and since normally when I am sidelined it is because of something that is affecting *me*, I guess I have developed a fatalistic attitude toward such things. It is a lot easier on the endocrine system that raging a lot (though that happens too, sometimes.)Hope Alex gets to feeling better soon!~EdT.


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