>Ten Things I’m Really Bad At

>Just keepin’ it real around here today! I’m good at a lot of things, but these are all things I’ve tried and consistently suck at.

1. Interior decorating. More specifically choosing coordinating colors for walls and things.

2. Basketball. And Tennis.

3. Programming in C++. Or any other computer language, for that matter.

4. Meal planning. Also sticking to a meal plan when I do make one.

5. Cleaning carpet stains. Also mopping floors. Notice a pattern?

6. Whistling. The cab calling kind, not the melodic kind.

7. Speaking Spanish.

8. Fighting off germs in my kids. Apparently, because both kids are sick again.
Top Ten {Tuesday}
9. Push-ups. Despite lots of effort, I am still incredibly bad at these.

10. Gardening. Really really bad.

I’ve got to laugh at myself when I think about my efforts in these areas…and just keep trying on some of them!

Ok your turn! Tell me what you’ve tried but can’t seem to get right…anything.


14 responses to this post.

  1. >Singing – love it and love to do it loud – but no one wants to hear it 😦


  2. >interior decorating. oh yes, me too!


  3. >Haha! Thanks for popping in and commenting, Becki! I love to sing too and do it loudly, but I haven't determined yet if anyone wants to hear it or not LOL. I used to be part of leading worship but the standards there weren't nearly as high as they are at my church now, which makes me totally chicken to even audition.


  4. >So glad I'm not alone. My friends tell me I'm not bad since my house looks passable, but it is only with GREAT effort that I have gotten it to this point, and it certainly is nothing that anyone would remark about.


  5. >Love the list! I did one a few weeks back of things I wish I was better at =)Hillary


  6. >I can't get swimming right. I've lived in coastal areas most of my 44 years. However, JAWS did me in. I've tried swimming lessons over and over again to progress one lesson further than the previous before I quit, again.


  7. >Time management. It's a constant battle to not overschedule myself, am ALWAYS running late.


  8. >Knitting or crocheting or anything involving yarn. I love the look of all the beautiful colored balls of yarn, but I am spatially challenged (or something) and can't master it.


  9. >I'll be sure to come check it out Hillary!


  10. >Well now that must be frustrating. I'm not a big fan of swimming in the ocean though, I prefer the pool. I do love the ocean, but I like to keep my feet pretty firmly grounded there.


  11. >Ah! I'm a big believer in building in lots of margin for that reason. But that does mean I turn down lots of fun opportunities. Well, keep at it 🙂


  12. >Haha now this is something I've never even tried, so at least you're one up on me there! I am spatially challenged too, which can apply to a lot of things (like basketball!) so don't feel bad.


  13. >I'll call your 10, and raise you a dusting, baking anything but cookies, and remembering to put clothes in the dryer. 🙂


  14. >Hahaha!!! I love it. I'll call you on the dusting and remembering to put clothes in the dryer. Some baking I can handle, although I don't do it much. Now cooking? Like meat? Still working on that one.


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