>Fashion Friday Dilemma? Ask Sarah!

>Last week I got an email from a faithful blog reader who loves my Fashion Friday posts but needed a little personal help. She recently had purchased a pant suit with a blouse and a jacket, but she didn’t like the jacket so she bought a different colored blazer to wear with it. This is an excellent way to mix up your work wardrobe and liven up what could be a boring monochrome pant suit! Well this girl got a ton of compliments on the outfit and is now in search of another blazer to wear with it, this time in basic black. The tough part is that she can only shop in places that sell plus sizes, which really limits her choices.

An aside here; WHY are there so few good options for bigger women? The average dress size in this country is not a 6 or an 8, which is the middle of standard misses sizes, the average is more like a 12 or 14. That means that half the women in this country wear the upper end of misses sizes or even women’s sizes. Have you SEEN their choices? They mostly suck. It is no wonder why so many curvy girls just give up even trying to look cute, when all they can find are tent-like polyester tops and super baggy pants. I’m here to say that your size does not define you and it is WORTH the effort to look for clothing that flatters your figure. Case in point, my post about jeggings for curvy girls. Yes, shopping can be hard and frustrating when you don’t fit the vast majority of what’s out there…I know how depressing it is to try on dress after dress that are just too small. After all, I’m no skinny mini.

Ok back to the problem. I’m happy to say that there are at least a few options, but I really do believe that being willing to shop online is key. Lots of companies these days are offering free shipping and free returns, which makes it much easier to order several sizes and cuts of the same thing. If you are lucky enough to live near a big city you might have stores like Avenue and Torrid in your mall, but if not you need to look online.

Here’s one I found at Kohl’s that goes up to a size 18. I think it’s adorable and the price is right.

Here’s one I absolutely love that I found at Talbots. The ruffle detail really adds style to this jacket. Talbots has a ton of really fabulous options in Women’s sizes. 
Torrid’s styles are slightly younger but there are some cute options for reasonable prices, like this one with ruched sleeves
Other sources of cute clothes in bigger sizes that I love? Nordstrom.com, Avenue.com, and Jones New York online. 
Here’s to the curvy girls. 

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  1. >great tips! old navy has plus sizes in some stores now. i love that they're bringing formerly online lines (like maternity and plus) into stores!!


  2. >great post this week! i think it's great they are starting to add plus sizes to some of the mainstream stores.


  3. >It is so refreshing to read tips for curvy, real sized women! My curves are on all the WRONG places, so I have to know what looks good on me and not venture too far from it. We need to go shopping so you can tell me what's good. I tend to buy the same things over and over. It can be a challenge to look cute when you're big, on a budget, in a small town with no stores…goodness how do I do it at all?! LOL! Thanks. Lisa~


  4. >Great post! I LOVE that ruffled blazer from Talbots. So chic in ANY size! Thanks.


  5. >I forgot to mention Old Navy, I did see one blazer in a plus size but overall I'm not a huge fan of their clothes…most of them are cut and designed for tiny people and in larger sizes they just don't look right. I do swear by Old Navy jeans though.


  6. >Thanks! Yes I hope more companies will get a clue that there really is a huge market out there for plus size fashion.


  7. >Thanks!! Knowing what looks good on your frame is SO. KEY! It definitely takes some work and once you've found somethings it's not a bad idea to stick to them…as long as you aren't getting totally stuck in a rut. Such a challenge!


  8. >Totally agree Alissa…I'm tempted to go buy one myself…they had lots of cute colors in the same design too!


  9. >Unfortunately I think you have to pay more for nice looking plus sized clothing. LOVE that top from Talbots.


  10. >I love Fab Finds Under $50 for plus-size style (or style in general). Also T Minus, T Plus.


  11. >That Talbots top? Love it.


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