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>More Meaningful Bling


A few weeks ago I wrote a post for All Things Chic about a beautiful bracelet I have that benefits parents in the process of adopting. I am fiercely pro-life, pro-adoption and supportive of organizations that work to support orphans and children living in severe poverty. So when I can spend my money on one of my little addictions, jewelry, and it benefits more than just me? Win-win!

So my friend Kristen from We Are THAT Family has started a non-profit maternity house in Kenya that will house and support pregnant girls with no place to go and no resources. Many of these girls have been forced into prostitution and would otherwise be seeking backstreet abortions. Kristen and her husband are going way way way out on a limb in faith to do this and one of the many ways she is supporting the Mercy House is by making and selling gorgeous jewelry, some of it fashioned out of paper beads like those made in Kenya.

So I got to hang out with Kristen on Monday and bought a bunch of her jewelry, AND her adorable new book, Don’t Make Me Come Up There! Check out these fabulous hand-crafted accessories. Lots more are available on her Etsy site.

I’m all about meaningful bling and I encourage you to check out her shop online. 

>Fashion Friday Dilemma? Ask Sarah!

>Last week I got an email from a faithful blog reader who loves my Fashion Friday posts but needed a little personal help. She recently had purchased a pant suit with a blouse and a jacket, but she didn’t like the jacket so she bought a different colored blazer to wear with it. This is an excellent way to mix up your work wardrobe and liven up what could be a boring monochrome pant suit! Well this girl got a ton of compliments on the outfit and is now in search of another blazer to wear with it, this time in basic black. The tough part is that she can only shop in places that sell plus sizes, which really limits her choices.

An aside here; WHY are there so few good options for bigger women? The average dress size in this country is not a 6 or an 8, which is the middle of standard misses sizes, the average is more like a 12 or 14. That means that half the women in this country wear the upper end of misses sizes or even women’s sizes. Have you SEEN their choices? They mostly suck. It is no wonder why so many curvy girls just give up even trying to look cute, when all they can find are tent-like polyester tops and super baggy pants. I’m here to say that your size does not define you and it is WORTH the effort to look for clothing that flatters your figure. Case in point, my post about jeggings for curvy girls. Yes, shopping can be hard and frustrating when you don’t fit the vast majority of what’s out there…I know how depressing it is to try on dress after dress that are just too small. After all, I’m no skinny mini.

Ok back to the problem. I’m happy to say that there are at least a few options, but I really do believe that being willing to shop online is key. Lots of companies these days are offering free shipping and free returns, which makes it much easier to order several sizes and cuts of the same thing. If you are lucky enough to live near a big city you might have stores like Avenue and Torrid in your mall, but if not you need to look online.

Here’s one I found at Kohl’s that goes up to a size 18. I think it’s adorable and the price is right.

Here’s one I absolutely love that I found at Talbots. The ruffle detail really adds style to this jacket. Talbots has a ton of really fabulous options in Women’s sizes. 
Torrid’s styles are slightly younger but there are some cute options for reasonable prices, like this one with ruched sleeves
Other sources of cute clothes in bigger sizes that I love?,, and Jones New York online. 
Here’s to the curvy girls. 

>Fashion Friday; What NOT to Wear Edition


This week’s Fashion Friday is brought to us by the very attractive women I spotted at the bank last week. Of course, you’d never have any clue how pretty she was, this middle-aged brunette who drove up and parked next to us and hopped out to use the ATM. I think she did have makeup on, and she covered what I think was a cute haircut in this odd skullcap…it wasn’t even cold. I can forgive the hat, and I can even forgive the thrown-on hoodie. But no one should ever be allowed to go out in public with a body that great in jeans like these.

This woman’s jeans were at least one, if not two, sizes too big for her. I don’t know if she bought them that way or if perhaps she bought them when she was much heavier and she’d recently lost weight. Either way, she has a serious case of the droopy drawers. Look how baggy they are in the seat and thigh. This photo doesn’t even do justice to the offensiveness of this fashion blunder.

Let’s see how her jeans should have looked on her. Trust me when I say that under those clothes was a slender woman.

Note the fitted nature of these jeans in the entire thigh and butt. They do not have to be super duper skin tight, which would be immodest and unattractive. But they need to be fitted and not all saggy all over the place. I don’t care if they are your favorite pair of hundred dollar plus premium denim jeans, if you lose weight you need a new pair. If you have questions about how to find a pair that fit your body properly, head down to your local Nordstrom store where you will find an associate totally trained in helping you find the perfect pair. I’m convinced it’s not that difficult. The woman in this photo may have a severe case of pancake butt, but the right jeans with perfectly placed pockets will go a long way for her.

Don’t commit a fashion felony by wearing droopy-ass jeans.

>Fashion Friday: How To Wear Sheer


Being fashionable and trendy does not always have to mean seeing something on a runway and then busting out the credit card to shop for it. We all know that fashion trends come and go in cycles, and sometimes if you wait long enough they reappear when you are least expecting it. See case in point…platform shoes. Never in a million years did I guess that those crazy high shoes my mom loaned me for 70’s day in high school would be once again worn by every celeb and supermodel…and myself more than a decade later. Right?!

Ok back to the point. This month’s In Style magazine has a feature on silky sheer blouses. Now these are specifically button down blouses but sheer fabrics in general are definitely on trend right now. Have you ever wondered if you could pull off a look like that? For real women like me with a limited budget, sometimes you just need to take the idea of a trend and put your own twist on it with what you’ve got.

So check out how I shopped my own closet to see what sheer tops I had and how I wear them.

>Fashion Friday, Boden Fashion Haul

>Have you seen the Spring 2011 catalog from Boden USA? Their clothing has quickly become my absolute favorite because of the vibrant colors and gorgeous feminine styles. It’s imported from the UK and slightly more expensive that I would normally buy, but I love it so much I will occasionally purchase one or two things online. But I’m so obsessed with their clothes that last week I turned to ebay to see what I could find, and I definitely lucked out. Check it out.

>Feb 4 is National Wear Red Day!

>What’s more fashionable than a red dress?

The Heart Truth: National Wear Red Day, Friday, February 4, 2011. Get Involved!

The symbol of National Wear Red Day, designed to increase awareness of heart disease among women, is a red dress! The goal is to get more women taking action by talking to their doctor about their risks for heart disease and making lifestyle changes to reduce those risks.

Did you know that heart disease is the #1 killer of women? I guess a lot of people don’t know that, maybe being breast cancer awareness has been so heavily marketed it would be easy to think that breast cancer killed the most women each year. So that’s why National Wear Red Day was created.

Why am I talking about this today? Because my dad died suddenly of a heart attack under the age of 50. That’s a huge risk factor for me, increasing my risk of heart disease by 136%. So when my first cholesterol test measured 200 and my doctor started talking about ways to bring that down, I paid attention. At that time, pre-kids, I was a couch potato and a junk food junkie. I was heavier than I should be and incredibly out of shape.

After the birth of my first baby I hit the gym hard. Pregnancy and child birth were actually good for me, kick starting my weight loss and giving me the drive to work out. My cholesterol dropped like a rock, as did my blood pressure and resting heart rate. I’ve been able to maintain that low cholesterol even when I’m not eating well through my active lifestyle. I get a full physical with bloodwork almost annually, because I am ever conscious of my family health history.

So today I’m joining in with my red dress, made by Liz Claiborne. And I thought I’d shop around and find a few others that I love, in case you were inclined to find one for yourself!

Here’s a cute and affordable one I found at Target for $39.99.

And here’s another I found at Nordstrom by Ralph Lauren. They have several great styles I like from both Ralph Lauren and JS Boutique. 
And just to present some beautiful options for curvier women, here’s a stunning red dress I saw at Nordstrom by Calvin Klein
So I hope you’ll take this Fashion Friday  post to heart and after you pick out your red dress, go talk to your doctor about your heart health! Now hop on over and check out some other Fashion Friday posts! 

>Fashion Friday; My Stylin’ Little Boys


I’ve said so many times before that finding clothes I like for my little boys is not easy. The vast majority of boys I see their age wear cartoon character graphic t-shirts every day. Those are not for me. I am here to show you how stylin’ you can dress your boys, assuming they are like mine and don’t mind…too much. 
Cute, right? Yeah, yeah I know, I’m biased. Ok so anyway, this is about as cold weather clothing as we get here in Texas. I picked the coldest Sunday of the year to put them in these lovely chocolate textured duds. 
Let’s start with the shoes. I found this awesome Kenneth Cole Reaction boys shoes at Nordstrom Rack for less than $20 each. They are similar to these, available at Piperlime. 
Alex’s sweater was bought at a kids consignment sale, but still had the brand new tags on it from Gymboree. So I paid $3 for a thirty-something buck sweater. You can find a similar one on sale at Gymboree now. His corduroy cargo pants are from Old Navy. I always look for brands with adjustable waist pants since my boys are super long and lean. 
Nathan’s dark jeans are from The Children’s Place, just like these that are now only $14 each! His shirt and blazer are Gymboree as well and not available anymore, but this chocolate velveteen jacket is pretty awesome. 
Ok so tell me where else BESIDES Gymboree and The Children’s Place you have found cute clothes for boys, because I’m always on the hunt.